About Kenneth Wilkinson

Independent –  Individualistic – Eclectic – Self-determined – sometimes taciturn and irascible.

I have a focus on administration with a diverse skill-set.

I enjoy exploration and appreciation of whatever catches my eye.

These are the things Ken is willing to admit to doing and being.  

Ken has Jesus, a wife and kids, and friends.  Nothing else is important.

If you need to contact Ken for any reason, use the form below.


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Honey locus branch
Moon over trees
The reservoir
Mountain path

I was taking pictures of the honey locust and I liked how this branch captured the thorns against the foliage.

I stepped outside and saw how bright the moon was.  I had to get a photo.   

I was in India visiting friends and was asked to meet an elderly gentleman at his house near this lake.  I got there so late that it was getting dark.  It took me a few minutes to decide whether this was worth capturing.  Glad I did.

I was walking to a mountain village.  There were other people with me but they had all either gone ahead or had fallen behind.   I had never been here but decided to just photograph while I walked. 

Ocean waves
Storage room
Rice field
Bay of Bengal Pier

I was visiting the ocean for only a few minutes.  People were rushing me and saying we needed to go.  I snapped the shot.

I wish the day had been clearer, but even so it’s a pretty image.

I was asked to check out a house for a rental space.  It had been long empty.   I love old buildings.

I went in and saw this and thought how remarkable it was to have things set up that way.  Shadows and light with handmade ladders to nowhere.

This field was for sale.  The owner asked me to come and look at it.

I thought it was very nice, especially with the trees and the hill behind. 

It’s a beautiful place.

I saw this pier or dock and thought how interesting it was.

I took it around the same time as the beach/ocean scene.  I only had a few minutes.

I’m glad I took the photo.